We are looking for people to become a  foster to our lovely dogs. If you have the time and space to foster one or more of our gorgeous dogs please get in touch!

By fostering a dog you are saving their life and preparing them for their new start in the UK, as well as saving the life of another dog as there will be a space free in the shelter for us to take another dog out of the pound.

The shelters in Romania are too full which means we are not  able to rescue any more dogs from the pound. If they stay in the pound they are at risk of being killed everyday, either by diseases, starvation, dog fights or even by evil people who thinks it is  fun to kill the dogs.

You can foster short or long term, you can also choose which dog you wish to foster. You can foster to adopt if you want to make sure a dog properly settles in your home and you get on well.

If it does not  work out we will find a different foster home for the dog but we carefully pick dogs who have the best chance of easily adapting to UK life so it is  very rare that these dogs pose long term difficulties or serious problems. We do not have the funds for food, bedding etc, but we will cover all medical costs as long as you discuss vet visits with us first and show receipts once you have visited.

There are two ways you can foster. You can wait until we have the funds to bring a dog across to the UK or you can fund the transport yourself so the dog can travel to you straight away. If you are self funding a foster dog we will fully reimburse you as soon as the dog is adopted.

If you are fostering to adopt you must pay the funds upfront but will be reimbursed in full if you decide that the dog is better off in a different home.

Knowing that you have saved the life of a dog and have given it the best start to a new life over here is one of the best feelings in the world.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer please fill out our form by clicking here.